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Greetings from the President

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of the year, I want to reflect on some of the key events of 2017 that will influence the teaching of psychology. Among these were the highly successful summit on high school psychology, which produced outcomes that are likely to influence the future of the field for some time to come—our congratulations to the organizers, supporters, and participants. We look forward to continuing to see the products of your good work. We are also pleased to learn that STP/Division 2 has received an increase in programming time for next year’s APA convention; this is due to the level of participation by our members at last year’s convention. We owe thanks to Jamie McMinn and the supporting cast who make our APA program so successful. And thanks too, to Jeff Holmes for his good work coordinating our APS program, and to Eric Landrum for his willingness to assume that role as Jeff moves to the office of STP treasurer.

The recently completed Annual Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (ACT) was a great success, with record participation in the program, thanks to Jordan Troisi and his steering committee. Participants enjoyed both the conference and the city of San Antonio, and we look forward to another fine program next year in Phoenix. Among the announcements at the annual STP business meeting in San Antonio was a new long-term contract with Sage Publications for continued production of our journal, Teaching of Psychology. That contract will assure financial stability through the year 2030. We also announced that Aaron Richmond will become editor of ToP upon the expiration of current editor Drew Christopher’s term (2020)—we’re grateful to Drew for his exemplary service, and to Aaron for his willingness to take on this large and important task. Finally, we recognized Ted Bosack for his decade of outstanding work as our executive director, and announced that his successor, effective January 1, will be Tom Pusateri.

Incoming president Sue Frantz has a strong interest in the introductory psychology course and its role in the curriculum and the culture. I look forward to hearing more about her plans and to supporting her efforts to examine and strengthen the role of this course, which for many students is their only contact with our discipline.

As we approach the end of the fall academic term, I hope yours comes to a satisfying close, and that you have a relaxing, refreshing winter break. Thank you for all you do, and for the positive influence you have on so many students.

All the best,

Ken Keith, President

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